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Industrial First Aid Systems/

Industrial First Aid Systems/

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Industrial First Aid Systems/


Industrial First Aid Systems started June 1990. Initially we supplied our manufacturing accounts an automatic first aid replenishment service. We would provide elastic strip, knuckle, fingertip, and large patch bandages for cuts and scrapes. Antibiotic ointment and antiseptics were used to assist in healing. Gauze pads, rolls, and compresses were included to treat wounds. Ice packs, burn gels, and sprays helped relieve burns. Analgesic tablets were placed to aid in comfort.

As our replenishment business continued we were requested to restock other safety supplies. Crews and Uvex safety glasses and goggles were first for eye protection. Moldex and 3M particulate respirators and half masks with filters and cartridges were added to assist in respiratory protection. We next added E-A-R and Howard Leight ear plugs and other hearing protection.

By far our largest product line has become gloves for the working environment. For the general purpose work glove- cotton string-knit work gloves, inspection work gloves, cotton canvas work gloves, brown jersey, chore and terry cloth work gloves are used in every day material handling. For food service, dentistry, assembly and medical exam we offer latex, vinyl, or nitrile exam work gloves. In the use of chemical applications we offer nitrile, neoprene, PVC, and latex gloves. For framing, automotive, electrical, and HVAC applications we offer a line of high-dexterity work gloves. For sheet metal work, glass handling and cutting applications we offer cut-resistant Dyneema and kevlar work gloves. For construction, masonry, agriculture mining and iron/steel work we offer leather palm work gloves from premium cowhide to select and standard grade. For welders we offer mig and tig leather welders work gloves.



The most recent line we added was fire protection products. We sell single jacket fire hose, double jacket fire hose, rack and reel fire hose. We sell Brooks Equipment indoor fire extinguisher cabinets and out door fire extinguisher cabinets. We also sell brass fire hose nozzles and polycarbonate fire hose nozzles. Both the brass fire hose nozzles and the polycarbonate fire hose nozzles are adjustable/fog/stream nozzles.

We have expanded our Industrial Protective Clothing line. This line includes Posiwear Ultimate Barrier coveralls and lab coats for the highest level of protection. Our Posiwear BA apparel offers good resistance without sacrificing breathability. The Posiwear M3 coveralls and lab coats utilizes five layers of polypropylene for a high level of protection against particulates and water based liquids. The new Posiwear FR Fire retardant line combusts and disperses away from the primary protective clothing garment.